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What is Seasonalysis?

Seasonalysis is the definitive seasonal stock analysis tool for the iPhone platform. With Seasonalysis you can enter any stock symbol and be presented with a clear analysis of that stock's monthly seasonal price behavior, as well as recurring seasonal patterns throughout the year.

Using Seasonalysis is easy and intuitive; Simply search for the symbol or company name you would like to analyze. Add it to your list of symbols. That’s it! Seasonalysis does all the heavy lifting analysis behind the scenes.

The power of seasonal analysis

Let's look at an example. Here we have AAPL (Apple, Inc.) with 10 years of data. Did you know that AAPL has gone up an average of 6.4% for the month of January 9 out of the past 10 years?

Interested in just a few symbols? We've got you covered. Interested in entire indexes? No problem! You can analyze as many symbols as you want.
Do stocks really behave seasonally?

There are many factors that can cause seasonal price behavior for stocks: the annual tax cycle, quarterly earnings reports, election cycles, weather cycles, holiday spending cycles, and many other factors that we may not even be aware of.Seasonal price patterns are discovered by observation of past price behavior much like tradable patterns are identified using fundamental analysis or technical analysis. This doesn’t guarantee that a pattern will repeat, but it does identify a historical bias.

Using past behavior to anticipate future price behavior

Unless you are throwing darts at a list of stock symbols, almost all trading and investment methods are based on studying what’s worked in the past. The idea is to find a tradable pattern or relationship and then position yourself to profit if similar behavior is repeated in the future. Seasonalysis is an analysis tool that can be used just like information about price to earnings ratios, or moving average divergence indicators.

Seasonalysis Features
• Intuitive user input, and no limit on the number of stocks you can analyze

• Analyze any symbol available on Yahoo! Finance that has historical data available

• Analyze anywhere from 1 to 50 years of data, you decide the time frame

• Seasonal behavior table details seasonal patterns over various time frames during the calendar year. Use this to help plan your trades.
• Track seasonal patterns on one easy to use screen, filtering them by date and win percentage.

• Monthly profit/loss grid for easy seasonal comparison

• Small and large charts showing historical gain/loss as well as the average gain/loss over the calendar year.

• Full screen landscape chart mode when device in landscape orientation for even finer chart detail.
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